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Faris Ridwan Maulana IPA20-SG-376 ⭐ Remote Sensing Application and Geochemical Studies for Hydrocarbon-Induced Alterations Discoveries in Western Kendeng Zone
Cecilia Jatu IPA20-SG-362 ⭐ The Grobogan Mud Volcano Complex: an Identification to Reveal the Opportunity of Hydrocarbon Exploration
Nada Salsabila Irsani IPA20-SG-345 ⭐ Depositional Environment and Petroleum System Analysis Based on Outcrop Analogue in Sukolilo Outcrop, Tuban Regency, East Java Province
Dewi Sintia Reka IPA20-SG-326 ⭐ Rembang Zone Petroleum Play, Stratigraphic and Petrographic Analysis of Ngrayong Formation as Reservoir, Jamprong, Tuban, East Java.
Barry Majeed Hartono IPA20-SG-316 ⭐ Biomarker Characteristic of Kelesa Oil Shale as Evidence of the Source of Organic Matter, Depositional Environment, and Maturity Interpretation
Jihan Hardiyanti Arief IPA20-SG-300 ⭐ Comparison of Interval Velocity and Inversion Velocity Usage to Build 3D Pore Pressure Models - Case Study: East Java Basin
Muhammad Wahyu Perdana IPA20-SG-296   Depositional Environment and Vertical Distribution Based on Core Analysis to Predict the Production Rate of the Reservoir (Case Study: Arun Carbonate Reservoir, North Sumatra, Indonesia)
Anggit Chandra Prasetyo IPA20-SG-276 ⭐ Depositional Environment Drive as Overpressure Generation: Study Case In 'GAP' Field, North West Java Basin
Dian Ayu Lestari Alifa Putri IPA20-SG-254 ⭐ Morfotectonic Analysis Based on Geological Structural Control of Tanjung Bungo Area, Central Sumatra Basin
Safira Rizkia Muthasyabiha IPA20-SG-251   Oil to Source Rock Correlation using Biomarker Data Through Pattern Matching and Fingerprinting Analysis in 'Kitkat' Field, Jabung Block, South Sumatra Basin
Amalia Prayoga IPA20-SG-249   Geochemical Characteristic of Oil and Reservoir Depositional Environment Analysis of Talang Akar Formation (TAF) in the "AMP" Field, Jabung Block, Jambi Sub-Basin, South Sumatra Basin
Fadhillatul Husna Kurniawan IPA20-SG-229 ⭐ Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis Based on Wireline Log, Mudlog, and 2D Seismic of GHC Field, Baong Formation, Aru Sub Basin, North Sumatra Basin
Ana Okta Marnila IPA20-SG-180 ⭐ Overpressure Identification Using Eaton Method on Gumai Formation of Geragai Graben, Jambi Sub Basin
Faris Nauval Rasyid IPA20-SG-176   Integrated Sedimentology Characters and Seismic Geomorphology for Reservoir Prediction of Tidal Shelf Ridge: The Upper Cibulakan Formation as A Shallow Marine Reservoir Analogue
Nurul Azizah Haris IPA20-SG-164 ⭐ Biogenic Gas Reservoir Distribution Analysis Using AI (Acoustic Impedance) Inversion Method and Seismic Attributes in the Nias Basin, North Sumatera
Muhammad Dhery Mahendra IPA20-SG-133 ⭐ Characterization of Depositional Facies Using Artificial Intelligence Method Based on Electrical Log Data
Bukit Andika IPA20-SG-12 ⭐ Characteristics of Facies Associations, Ichnofacies and Microfossils for Depositional Environment Interpretation of the Clastic Pulau Balang Formation, Samarinda
Jennifer Michelle Sherafim IPA20-SG-112 ⭐ Facies and Paleogeography Analysis Using Wireline Log and Seismic Data in Tanjung Formation, Barito Basin, South Kalimantan
Argavi Koto IPA20-SE-530 ⭐ Determination of Optimum Parameters for Anaerobic-Thermophilic Bacterium Injection using Commercial Simulator: Coreflooding Validation and Sensitivity
Kriswira Symontmatag Suharto IPA20-SE-424   Structural Health Monitoring of Offshore Platform Trend of Corrosion and Marine Growth with Predictive Maintenance
Abhista Danis Wara IPA20-SE-421 ⭐ Maximizing Business Performance By Optimizing Supply Chain of LNG-C: Case Study Distribution Of 9 Gas Power Plants With Capacity Over 780 MW In Eastern Indonesia
Alysia Chaterine IPA20-SE-381 ⭐ Integrated Subsurface-Surface Modeling to Assess Reservoir Uncertainty Quantification and Its Effect on on "K" Field Production
Alaex Izzal Biladi IPA20-SE-380   Well integrity and life cycle analysis of gas well with excessive sand production: case study of well Y in indonesia
Nurul Izzah Asral IPA20-SE-308 ⭐ Distribution and Mechanism Forming of Overpressure Shale Gumai on Jambi Sub-Basin, South Sumatera Basin
Argavi Koto IPA20-SE-235 ⭐ Estimation on Minimum Miscible Pressure (MMP) for CO2 Injection at HIL Oil Field: Reservoir Simulation and Slimtube Experimental
Lely Fitriyani IPA20-O-435 ⭐ Biosurfactant Addition into Solvent Extraction Process of Oily Contaminated Solid Waste
Fitriyah Hadi IPA20-O-315 ⭐ Significance impact of state and local government engagements in overcoming petroleum spill cases due to illegal tapping.
Puguh Sarwanto IPA20-O-263 ⭐ 'PIRAMIDA TINGGI', A State of the Art to fulfill Obligation of Forestry Permit on Watershed Rehabilitation at PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
Ahmad Anshariy IPA20-G-93 ⭐ The Importance of Identifying the Evidence of Hydrodynamic Trapping for New Well Placement in Mature Offshore Stupa Field
David P. Gold IPA20-G-61 ⭐ New Tectonic Reconstructions of New Guinea Derived from Biostratigraphy and Geochronology
Alfathony Krisnabudhi IPA20-G-489   New Insight into Berau Sub-Basin North East Borneo: Basin Evolution and Tectonostratigraphy and Their Implication Play Concept
Aditya Kusuma Wijaya IPA20-G-480   The Significant Impact of Intraformational Seal to Hydrocarbon Distribution and Accumulation of Mixed Carbonate - Siliciclastic Sequences in Oligo-Miocene Interval, North Madura Platform, East Java Basin
Souvik Sengupta IPA20-G-434   Understanding the Mesozoics beyond basalt: A Case Study of Sub-Basalt imaging
Andrew Livsey IPA20-G-399 ⭐ Petroleum Systems analysis of the Tungkal PSC Area, South Sumatra - A means of adding new life to a mature area
Munji Syarif IPA20-G-36   Seismic Quality Enhancement With Fast, Robust and Economic Solution Using Broadband Technology
Yudiyoko Ega Sugiharto IPA20-G-321   Pressure Index (PI): A Novel Practical Method for Evaluating Pressure in Offshore Malaysia
Yudiyoko Ega Sugiharto IPA20-G-319   Improving Prospect Evaluation by Integration Saturation Height Function into the Resource Assessment Workflow
Ahmad Syahputra IPA20-G-307   Oil Saturation Log Prediction using Neural Network in New Steamflood Area
Putri Riadini IPA20-G-290 ⭐ Structural Evolution using Seismic Low Frequency Magnitude Approach: A Case Study on Defining Strike-Slip Development in West Natuna Basin, Indonesia
Julianta Parlindungan Panjaitan IPA20-G-244 ⭐ Novel Approach on Thin Bed Reservoir Case Study from Muda Formation, Natuna Basin
Gusti Prabawa IPA20-G-209 ⭐ Rejuvenating the Concept of Salodik Group of Banggai Basin through Surface Geological Mapping and Multi-Method Analyses
Tsania Ozza IPA20-G-207   Prediction of Hydrocarbon Sources of the Walio Area, Salawati Basin, West Papua, Indonesia
Muhamad Aditya IPA20-G-204 ⭐ Geochemistry Evaluation and Oil to Source Rock Correlation of Lhokseumawe Area, North Sumatra Basin
Wahyu Pramono IPA20-G-190 ⭐ Unlocking hydrocarbon reserves by Optimizing Pore pressure and Fracture Pressure Predictions in Mature Mahakam Delta Fields
Alfan Hidayah Kusuma IPA20-G-171 ⭐ Analysis Of Hidrocarbon Sandstone Distribution Using Rock Physics and Petrophysic Calculations, Simultaneous Inversion, Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) and Curved Pseudo-Elastic Impedance (CPEI) in Alfan Field Bonaparte Basin
Dwi Kurniawan Said IPA20-G-151 ⭐ Better Understanding of Diagenetic Mineral Processes and Occurences in the Low Productivity Reservoirs: An Opener Approach for Further Tambora G Zone Development Strategy
Antonius Tri Santoso IPA20-G-137 ⭐ Shallow Gas Identification using LWD Monopole Sonic : A Non-Radioactive for Safe and Effective Logs Acquisition in Tunu Field, Mahakam Delta
Hesekiel Bernando Nainggolan IPA20-G-125   Update Abnormal Pressure Delineation in East Java Basin and Its Implication for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Andreas Waluyo IPA20-G-101 ⭐ Solving Azimuthal Anisotropy in Converted PS Waves Seismic Data Processing of Ultra Shallow Water Sparse Grid Multicomponents Nodal Acquisition OBN Survey Offshore Nunukan, Indonesia
Henricus Herwin IPA20-F-7 ⭐ Seven Pillars in Cost Effectiveness for Sustaining the Life of Mature Fields: An Example from Mahakam Block
Reyhan Hidayat IPA20-F-32 ⭐ Integrated Optimization of SIMOPS (Drilling, Well Intervention, and Production) on Jackup Rig : A Case Study of Under Cantilever Operations at X-1 Platform in Mahakam Asset
Norsham Nordin IPA20-F-287   Concept+ 2.0 - The Revolution of Small and Marginal Fields
Deni Ismail IPA20-F-233 ⭐ Integrated Process Safety Tools for Managing Risk of Abnormal Operations Condition in Medco E&P
Era Islami IPA20-F-172 ⭐ Implementation of Advanced Offshore Structure Integrity Management based on API RP2SIM in Medco E&P Offshore
Salman Saad IPA20-F-154 ⭐ Concept Selection Methodology for Contaminated Gas Fields in Offshore Malaysia
Runi Kusumaning Rusdi IPA20-F-128 ⭐ Comprehensive Surface Facilities Debottlenecking Strategy to Maximize Delivery Potential in South Mahakam
Muhammad Hamzah IPA20-F-103   Integrated Tubular Supply Model Provides Cost Saving to Drilling Projects
Raden Muhamad Prayuda Azhar IPA20-E-97 ⭐ Integrated Reservoir Management Strategy in Sisi Nubi Mature Gas Field to Unlock Reserves and Production Optimization
Danny Hidayat IPA20-E-96 ⭐ Digitalization in Offloading for Mature Well Revival Optimization: Case Study of Peciko Gas Field
Dian Saputra IPA20-E-9 ⭐ Banyu Urip Upper Perforation Shutoff: A Success Story of Hydroformed Expandable Casing Patch Installation to Reduce GOR and Maximize Oil Production
Yuliawan Dwi Mulia IPA20-E-71   Bottom Hole Assembly Design Enhancement Successfully Eliminate Hole Problems and Reduce Significant Drilling Time : South Senoro Field Case Study
Adnan Syarafi Ashfahani IPA20-E-63 ⭐ Idle Wells Revival Guidance to Optimize Remaining Gas in Shallow zone of Tunu field, Mahakam: Taking Advantage from Reservoir Re-Equilibrium
Avirup Chatterjee IPA20-E-53   Geomechanical Modeling and Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Management- An Integrated Approach for Successfully Drilling and Managing Losses in Highly Depleted Sands
Yan Anggoro IPA20-E-52   Sand Free Production Success Through Proven Technology Enabler From An Untapped Heterogeneous Reservoir Zone Utilizing Gravel Pack Replacement Methodology
Annisa Sekar Palupi IPA20-E-510 ⭐ Multi-cycle Shear Fracturing Technique as a Production Enhanchment Approach for a Thin, Shallow and Unconsolidated Formation
Adam Fatchur Rohman IPA20-E-51   Quadrant Mapping Artificial Lift Monitoring Concept.A Simplified Monitoring Huge Number of Wells in One Page
Sayid Faisal Abdila IPA20-E-45   Success Story from Drilling Program Evaluation of Development Wells in 2018 & 2019, And How to Promote an Effective Drilling Program for 2020 and Beyond for Indonesia
Danar Wijayanto IPA20-E-395   An Innovative Well Intervention for Production Optimization in Depleted Gas Reservoirs Thru Coil Tubing in Medco E and P
athur januar IPA20-E-389 ⭐ HPHT Zonal Isolation and Triple Tubular Perforation: A Success Story of Re-Accessing Old Reservoir without Recompletion with Rig
Aliefiyan Nursanda Muklas IPA20-E-379 ⭐ ESP Optimization Goes Further: Operate Frequency beyond 60 Hz
Wisnu Nugroho IPA20-E-375 ⭐ Full Field EOR Implementation of A Low Cost Surfactant Continuous Injection at Arahan-Banjarsari, South Sumatra
Firmansyah Wahyu Latief IPA20-E-366 ⭐ The Effect of Anionic and Alkali Surfactant Synthesis in Spontaneous Imbibition on Sandstone Reservoir
Bramarandhito Sayogyo IPA20-E-35   Surface Casing Perforation, Promising And Reliable Solution For Producing Marginal Reserve Of Shallow Reservoir Layer In Shallow Gas Prone Tunu Field
Trimaharika Widarena IPA20-E-320 ⭐ 5 Years Application of Acoustic Sand Monitoring in Sandy Wells Environment
Muhammad Ananda Trisnadi IPA20-E-318   Evidences & New Method to Solve Tortuosity Problem of Hydraulic Fracturing Jobs in Rokan Block
Jodi Astorifa Anggoro IPA20-E-313 ⭐ Unlocking Oil Resources without Artificial Lift Using Testing Barge in Tambora Gas Field, Delta Mahakam
Muhammad Syafwan IPA20-E-311   Fit-For-Purpose History Matching Approach for a Low-Quality Reservoir under Waterflood: Integration of Uncertain Production Allocation
Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil IPA20-E-31   Pressure Activated Sealant to Restore Tubing Integrity - case study of well TN-x in Mahakam
Rio Irawan IPA20-E-303   Breakthrough on Routine Service Cycle Time Improvement - Leap Frog Concept
Humisar ALPRIALDUS-S IPA20-E-301 ⭐ No Wait on Cement (NO WOC) on Surface Diverter Section Already Successfully Applied in Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) for All Swamp Wells Architecture and Creating 11 Hours per Well Rig Time Saving
Sandy Warsito IPA20-E-29   Multiple Zones Chemical Sand Consolidation in Mahakam Delta
Joko Mulyono IPA20-E-286 ⭐ The Success Story of Secondary Recovery Using Peripheral Method Waterflooding In Carbonate Reservoir NEASD and Guruh Field PHE Ogan Komering
Steven Chandra IPA20-E-280 ⭐ Achieving Operational Excellence for Gas Lift Modeling in High Angle Wells with Multidisiplinary Approach
Steven Chandra IPA20-E-278 ⭐ Integrated Approach for Mapping Tubular Degradation in Brownfield X , Indonesia
Raufan Fikri IPA20-E-268 ⭐ Successful Geological Strategy for Setting Intermediate Casing Prior Approaching Kujung Carbonate in Jambaran Field, Cepu Block
Masrisetyo Adi IPA20-E-245 ⭐ Successful Well Integrity Assurance with ESP packer utilization - A Case in South Sumatra On-Shore
Prayudi Noverri IPA20-E-242 ⭐ Mahakam Fields Characterization Using Production Type Curve with Business Intelligence (BI) Application
Agam Arief IPA20-E-208 ⭐ Marginal Field with Low Resistivity Pay Zone in Central Sumatra Basin: What We Can Learn
Richard Arnold IPA20-E-158 ⭐ Waterflood in a Tight, Heterogeneous, Water-Sensitive, and Massively Fractured Reservoir
Arizka Mesayu Andari IPA20-E-143 ⭐ Increasing Oil production by gaslift injection point detection based on well test data: Field Experience in Handil Field
Dwiki Drajat Gumilar IPA20-E-116 ⭐ A Success Story of Unlocking Depleted Channel Reserves in Tunu Gas Field, Mahakam Delta, Indonesia
Ricko Rizkiaputra IPA20-E-115   Delivering A Successful Acid Fracturing Job Through Integrated GGR Analysis and Stimulation Study, Case Study of A Tight Gas-Condensate Reservoir In Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Ryan Aditya Surya Wijaya IPA20-E-105 ⭐ Multi Zone Single Trip Gravel Pack System Deployed on Hydraulic Workover Unit: Holistic Approach to Optimize Drilling and Completion Cost in the Mahakam Delta
Ramadhani Rachman IPA20-E-100 ⭐ Annulus Cementing with Coil Tubing Packer Methods with Case Study on Sisi Nubi Field
Farid Febrian IPA20-BC-88 ⭐ Managing Oil and Gas Project Value By Prime (Pertamina Investment Management Engine)
Muhammad Ikhsan Akbar IPA20-BC-408 ⭐ The Journey to Establish Jack-Up Drilling Rig Contract in Indonesia during Upward Demand
Wayan Mahendra Ernata IPA20-BC-124 ⭐ What Will Be Next? After a Decade of Exploration Activities Towards Giant Discovery in Indonesia