TPC IPA 2022

The IPA Technical Program Committee is calling for papers related to oil and gas industry activities from you or your staff for the technical program of the next annual IPA Convention & Exhibition scheduled from 21th to 23th September 2022.

We are pleased to inform you that in response to the overwhelming demand the deadline for the 46th IPA Convention and Exhibition for abstract submission has been extended to ​14th March 2022.

Along with the abstract, which should include the title and description of the paper (please see below), please provide the primary author’s name, affiliation, address, mobile number, email, and the names of co-authors, if any. Abstracts must have internal approval prior to submission. Students will be required to identify their respective University Staff Mentor / Advisor.

The abstract should be able to stand alone as a short version of the paper and should be written in English with a maximum length of 300 words. The abstract should answer the following questions in a straightforward manner:

1.  What did you do and how did you do it?

2. What results are of interest to the IPA membership, for example relevant innovations, novel technologies, or practical applications?

Abstracts will be judged on technical merit, originality and anticipated audience interest. About 125 papers are targeted for acceptance, inclusion in the Proceedings, and virtual presentation during the Convention & Exhibition.

After the abstract is accepted, authors will provide a Draft of the paper, and later a Final Draft, before the paper is included as a published manuscript in the Proceedings and presented.

Papers should be no longer than 5,000 words or 15 pages of text, tables and figures. Paper also should not contain any kind of commercialism Manuscripts will be distributed to participants in a digital format and published for international access.

Authors of Professional papers to be presented orally will be expected to provide a full written paper for publication in the Proceedings Volume. Authors of Professional papers to be presented as posters can choose to provide either a full paper or an extended abstract for publication in the proceedings Volume. Authors of Student papers and posters will be expected to provide an extended abstract for publication in the Proceedings Volume.

Presentations will be no longer than 20 minutes. There will also be a Q&A session.

Key Dates and Other Information:

Your Abstract can be submitted through these links below:


Basic Information will be required :

  • Title of Paper
  • Author : Names, Affiliation, Addresses, Mobile Phone number and E-mail contact
  • Designate which Author will present the paper (presenter’s name)
  • Indicate preference for (a) Oral), (b) Poster Presentation, or (c) Either
  • Indicate if this Proposed Paper was previously presented or published; if so, when and where?
  • Confirmation of Internal approval, yes/no?
  • Undergraduate Students will be required to identify their Mentor / Advisor


All Abstract will be thoroughly reviewed by the technical committee so the  proposed Submission can be rated & ranked for the final program selection. All authors will be informed whether they are selected for the final program.

The Technical Sessions for the 46th CONVEX may include the following:

    Geology and Geophysics

  • Advances in G&G Technologies including Machine Learning  & Digital
  • Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Clastic Reservoirs
  • Fractured Basement Reservoirs
  • Geochemical Analysis
  • Geomechanics and Geophysics
  • Non-seismic Technology and Remote Sensing
  • Petroleum System
  • Petrophysics & Borehole Geophysics and Geology
  • Pore Pressure
  • Regional to Reservoir Scale Geology and Geophysics
  • Seismic Acquisition Technology
  • Seismic Processing Technology
  •  Sequence stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Tectonics and structural geology

     Facilities Engineering and
     Project Management

  • Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Facilities, Optimization and Innovation
  • Facility Decommissioning
  • Logistic and Infrastructure
  • Project Management Life Cycle
  • Project Planning, Controlling, and Contracting Strategies
  • Site Restoration

     Safety, People and

  • Case study on Community development
  • Human Resources
  • Operational Safety
  • Planning & Implementation Environmental Protection


     Reservoir Engineering,
     Production Optimization,
     Drilling and Completions

  • Computer Science in Reservoir Simulation
  • Digital Oilfields and Artificial Intelligence
  • Drilling Technology
  • Improvements in Drilling and Completions
  • IOR/EOR and Arresting Production Decline
  • Marginal Field and Brown Field Rejuvenation
  • New Technology in Field Development
  • Production Optimization
  • Production Stimulation
  • Reservoir Characterization and Simulation
  • Reservoir Management
  • Well Integrity


     Business and Commercial

  • Economic (Fiscal) of facility project
  • Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Marginal Field Commerciality
  • Oil and Gas Commercialization
  • Plan of Development (POD)
  • Project Financing Strategy
  • Regulation break through
  • Revenue and Production Sharing Models
  • Supply Chain Management
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